Buying or Selling a property in Spain?
The complexity of the Spanish Legal System and little knowledge of the language, combine to make buying or selling a property a daunting experience. By using our specialists we can save you unnecessary anxiety. Our professional team specialise in providing Clients with full legal advice, tax and accounting services in relation to personal and business affairs in Spain. Our multi-lingual staff provide a comprehensive service that is designed to protect your interests. Our service range from checking the property is free of all debts and charges through to the legal registration at the Land Registry. Equal attention is paid to the finer details that are often overlooked. Existing contracts relating to the property i.e. Utility bills and Community Fees, are investigated to ensure that they are in order.
STRESS FREE - WE WORK - YOU RELAX It is a fact: buying property in Spain is no where close to being a safe procedure. Not even getting yourself a lawyer is enough today. Only the most professional solicitors will be able to ensure you are a hundred percent protected. At Iberbrit | Legal we strongly believe we are the best to look after your interests, and would love to help you with your purchase! What we offer: A 100% independent service - We are not connected to any Estate Agency or Developer whatsoever. And we are quite proud of it!. More than 9 years experience in conveyancing. A multi-skilled staff, comprising experienced Lawyers, Paralegal, Administrative and Secretarial staff, all fluent in English and Spanish. A fast and reliable service, which we accomplish with the help of state of the art technology. No hassle. No hidden fees. Satisfaction guarantee.
Services we offer as part of our Spanish Conveyancing Service 1. The opening of a current or savings account. 2. Assistance when obtaining an NIE number (tax identification number for non-residents). 3. Contract supervision. Liaise and agree with vendor/s and/or lawyers in respect of terms and conditions of the purchase, ensuring compliance with current laws. In the event that the vendors are non-resident in Spain, a lawyer ensures that any amount paid prior to completion is lodged safely with a resident party, preferably the vendor's lawyer's account. 4. Detailed estimation of costs involved in purchase/sale and mortgage, with a clear cash flow chart (breakdown). 5. Advance payments security. 6. Consultancy and answer to questions during the purchase/sale process. 7. Assist in the completion process and ensure title deeds are properly registered in the appropriate local Land Registry, and that the property(ies) is free from all charges and encumbrances, free from occupants and tenants, as well as payment of the relevant taxes associated with the purchase. 8. Full translation of the public deed prior to signature in the presence of the notary, or legal representation through power of attorney (when this additional service is required). 9. Complete all necessary searches on the legal status of the property and the developer/vendor, informing the buyer/s of any issues discovered that may influence the decision or conditions of the purchase. The procedure for obtaining a land registry certificate, ensuring there are no existing unpaid debts, unpaid taxes, rental contracts, etc. 10. The verification and control of additional payments in relation to the purchaser (i.e. taxes, legal fees, etc). 11. The procedure for obtaining a mortgage, and monitoring its application process, terms and conditions. Assist in locating, negotiating and obtaining a mortgage loan to finance the purchase of the property. The obtaining of the mortgage loan may be in the form of an approval in principle prior to the signing of the private purchase contract and is understood without prejudice to any other mortgage facility provided by the developer or the vendor. 12. The arrangements of insurance contracts (i.e. building and contents). 13. The arrangements of life insurance.
* With a minimum of €1,285. * Our Fees do not include VAT (currently at 21%)
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Testimonials Clients “We are delighted to hear that the apartment has been sold and would like to thank you and Miguel for your efficiency and assistance” Mark Hemmings “It was a pleasure to meet you and I cannot thank you enough for all your help.  You are so efficient and have managed everything perfectly from beginning to end which made the whole process completely stress free for me” Wendy Church “We still feel totally comfortable with your company assisting us in our Spanish endeavours” Gail and Steve Young "It's nice to know that you're always there. Your one of the few companies I deal with that always answers e-mails promptly and informatively and show by actions you care about your customers. That's rare these days and it's refreshing to deal with you because of it." David Murphy “I would have to say that your assistance has been invaluable to us throughout all the processes we have gone through in buying our place in Spain and selling it.” Jasmine Sneddon “I am deeply grateful for all your help and guidance - I would have got nowhere without it.” Dennis Kelly
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