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Testimonials Clients “We are delighted to hear that the apartment has been sold and would like to thank you and Miguel for your efficiency and assistance” Mark Hemmings “It was a pleasure to meet you and I cannot thank you enough for all your help.  You are so efficient and have managed everything perfectly from beginning to end which made the whole process completely stress free for me” Wendy Church “We still feel totally comfortable with your company assisting us in our Spanish endeavours” Gail and Steve Young "It's nice to know that you're always there. Your one of the few companies I deal with that always answers e-mails promptly and informatively and show by actions you care about your customers. That's rare these days and it's refreshing to deal with you because of it." David Murphy “I would have to say that your assistance has been invaluable to us throughout all the processes we have gone through in buying our place in Spain and selling it.” Jasmine Sneddon “I am deeply grateful for all your help and guidance - I would have got nowhere without it.” Dennis Kelly
FAQ’s to be completely informed
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How can I contract a service with Iberbrit | Legal? You have many options to contract a service with us: Online through our PayPal and Credit Cards service (only available for our NON RESIDENT PACK) By telephone calling us at +34 968 337 392. By fax sending your enquiry at +34 968 563 224. By email at web@iberbrit.com Personally in our office at Avda. Gran Vía s/n, Monterrey Building, ground Floor, postal code 30380, La Manga del Mar Menor-Cartagena, Murcia (Spain).
Do I need to fill or sign any document to contract Iberbrit | Legal services? When you request a service to contract, Iberbrit | Legal will send you a Service Letter with its description so that you can read and understand it. If you finally accept it, we will need you to send us back the signed document by email or fax. Later on, we will contact you by email or phone to confirm the reception and your acceptance. You will not have to do anything explained above if you contract our service through our online contract. In any case, you will need to fill the "client's application form" with your details and send it to us so that we can register you as client.
Is it possible to have a meeting with a specialized professional of Iberbrit | Legal if I have not contracted the service yet? For sure, you will have the opportunity to meet and explain us your question/problem before taking a decision. Just contact us and we will arrange a date at your best convenience.
Is Iberbrit | Legal a state agent or deal with the administration of properties? No, Iberbrit | Legal is a firm of lawyers and chartered accountants which provides services relating to legal, tax and accountancy issues, and don't act as state agents or administrating properties. We are proud to be an independent company that only represents our client's interest. In any case, if you would require the service of a state agent or an administrator for your property (i.e. to rent it), we will be able to recommend you some of them. Visit our portfolio for more information>>>
I'm thinking about buying/selling a property in Spain, why it is advisable to use the services of a professional consultancy like Iberbrit | Legal? The complexity of the Spanish Legal System and little knowledge of the language, combine to make buying or selling a property a daunting experience. Not even getting yourself a lawyer is enough today, only the most professional solicitors will be able to ensure you are a 100% protected. Iberbrit | Legal is a professional specialized team in providing Clients with full legal advice, tax and accounting services in relation to personal and business affairs in Spain for about 10 years experience and more than 1000 satisfied clients. We are not connected to any Estate Agency or Developer whatsoever, having a 100% independent service. Our multi-skilled staff, comprising experienced Lawyers, Paralegal, Administrative and Secretarial staff, all fluent in English and Spanish. We are proud of our effective, fast, reliable and efficient service, which we accomplish with the help of state of the art technology. Our objective face of our clients is to be totally clear and transparent, with no hassle or hidden fees. We don't say what the client wants to hear; we simply advice and explain things as they are in reality. Satisfaction guaranteed. Learn more about our Convenyancing Service >>>
What are the main personal taxes in Spain to take into account? The taxes in Spain can be a complex issue if you don’t have enough knowledges, especially if you live in other country. This is why it is so advisable to have a tax representative or advisor that can help you with any query or proceeding. There are basically two kind of personal taxes in Spain: the Resident Income Tax (called IRPF or Impuesto de la Renta de las Personas Físicas) and the Non-Resident Income Tax (called IRNR or Impuesto de la Renta de No Residentes). The main differences are the rates applied; the first one can vary between the 24% up to a 45%, while the second one has general fix rate of 24%. Nevertheless, any of these taxes will depend on each personal situation. Learn more about Resident Income Tax >>> Learn more about Non-Resident Income Tax >>> On the other side, there is another low-rate "wealth tax" on assets (called Impuesto sobre el Patrimonio), which was abolished from the 1st January 2008 and it has been re-established now for the years 2012 and 2013. Non- Residents are taxed on their assets held in Spain, while Residents are taxed on their world-wide assets. Finally, if you are selling a property in Spain and you are a Non Resident, be aware that the Law obliges the buyer to retain you a 3% on the selling price signed in the deeds so that to be deposited in the tax authorities account after the sale. This retention is considered as part of the Non-Resident Income Tax. Depending on the benefit or loss in the sale, the Non-Resident seller will have the right to get all, part or nothing of this retention refunded. For this reason, it is also advisable to count with an appropiate legal advice in the moment of the sale of a property in Spain so that to fulfill with all the tax obligations and not to lose your tax rights! It may be for your interest: Conveyancing Service >>>
What consequences could appear if I have never paid any Income Tax? Independently if you are considered as Resident or as a Non-Resident person in Spain, the Tax Authorities can demand you to pay the outstanding taxes. If you still do not attend your tax liabilities, the Law states that any of your goods in and outside Spain can be seized to cover not only the tax, but also the surcharges and legal interest for the delayed payment. There is no worth to take this risk, be stress free with your Spanish issues by contracting our Non-Resident Pack here. Please be sure that paying to any advisor to present your income taxes on your behalf does not mean that the tax has been accordingly presented and paid to the Tax Office. To know what is your current status with your tax obligations, do not hesitate in contacting us, we will help you in the quickest way.
What fiscal differences are if I'm considered as a Resident or a Non- Resident person in Spain? To be or not to be (a resident in Spain). This is one of the main questions that many people owing a property in Spain are making themselves.  The importance of the status lies in the tax repercussions at the moment of presenting the annual Income Tax, in an inheritance process or in the sale of a property in Spain. As a brief example, just think about a man, Peter, with his wife Susan, and without children. Both of them have an apartment in the coast of Murcia valued in €300,000 (both have the 50% of the property). None of them are live in Spain. One day, Peter suddenly dies. Susan will hage to start all the inheritance process: dead certification, property transfer, payment of taxes, registrataion of the inheritance, etc. In our example, Peter died with his status of Non-resident. Because of this, Suan (the legal inheritor of the 50% of the property owned by Peter), who also is no Resident in Spain, will have to pay a tax of €19,199 (only for the part corresponding to the apartment), that is, a12.75% on the half of the value of this apartment. If they were considered as Residents in Spain at the moment of his death, Susan only would have paid a tax of €191, that is, a 0.13%on the half of the value of the apartment. As you can see, the difference is enormous mainly because of Resident people have some deductions and bonifications that Non-Resident people cannot apply. This is why it is important you can be correctly advised by a good professional, not only at the moment of the sad event, but also before it happens. Feel free to contact us in you require any advice to this respect. (*) Note: An inheritance process is a very complex legal process; both Spanish and internacional law and regulations could be involved (according to each case).  The example described above only shows a fictitious simplification of an hypothetical case with the objective of showing the existing differences in taxation.
I have a property in Spain, am I obliged to present any tax in Spain although I live in another country? People living outside Spain are considered as Non-Resident if they spend less than 6 months (183 days) in another country in any one calendar year and your principal; this means that their residence is in another country. Besides, if you own a property in Spain, the Spanish Law states your obligation to present the Non-Resident Income Tax every year. This tax will depend on the particular situation of the non-resident people and the agreements between their country of residence and Spain. Do not hesitate in contacting for any advice in relation these agreements. Learn more about our Non-Resident Pack >>>
Could Iberbrit | Legal rent my property in Spain? Iberbrit | Legal is a lawyers and chartered accountants firm and does not act as property managers like an estate agent company could do it. Nevertheless, as company who deals with their clients and the rest of staff and third parties, we can provide you with some trusty references so that you can arrange the rent of your property both for holiday's seasons and/or for the whole year. Iberbrit | Legal can support you by providing legal advice in this process (preparation and supervision of contracts, execution of guarantees, etc.) so that you can be worry free for the time your property is rented. We also can offer you some other additional services if you require. For more information, please contact us. Learn more about our Property Contract Resolution Service>>> Learn more about our Tenant Eviction for a Spanish Property>>>
I want to start a business in Spain, what steps do I have to do and what tax obligations do I need to fulfil? Unfortunately for the enterprising people like you, Spain has a complex bureaucracy to set up a new company (even to close it!) made by many administrative steps and legal requirements. The new businessmen should focus to develop their business, looking for new clients, instead of losing so much time in beginning to run it, especially in the current hard times. The first stage that a manager has to do is to register the name of the company at the Tax Office, getting its fiscal number (called CIF). Previously, the partners of the company should have signed the creation of the company before a public notary, and take the deeds to register in the corresponding Company Registry. These two steps that apparently are easy to fulfilled, embrace a whole number of different and little tasks that could discourage the initiative of the businessman. Iberbrit | Legal gives you the opportunity not to be worry about all this complex process and starting in your business from the very beginning. Our Fiscal and Accountancy Pack offers you the perfect solution with the most professional performance. Learn more about our Fiscal and Accountancy Pack >>>
I run a company in Spain but I cannot be present so often, how can Iberbrit  | Legal help and support me? The most important thing for a company manager is to focus in his work. Don't worry if you cannot come to our office regularly or cannot deliver your paperwork personally; even forget to use the traditional post service to send it. Thanks to the developments of the new technologies and our aim to offer all facilities to our clients taking the best of them, you will be able to send us any documentation via email, we will process it (i.e. invoices, payrolls, etc.). Besides, by contracting our Online Pack you will have in your hand the opportunity to check and get all the digital documentation of your company immediately. Specifically, this service will allow you to: Manage and prepare the invoices, and to administer your clients/suppliers file. Check in any moment the documentation of your interest, organized by date and category. Have a summary of the accountancy and tax models of your company. Check all the information relating to your employees. Make any consultation or enquiry by filling the application form of the platform quickly. And everything will be personalized and easy to use! Learn more about our Online Pack>>> Also, if it is necessary your presence for any management, we will contact you by phone, email or Skype at any time.
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